Fernando de MATEO

Fernando de MATEO

Member of FMG

Fernando De Mateo is Invited Professor at El Colegio de México, where he coordinates the Programme on Trade Negotiations.


Economist by training, with a B.A. from the the National University of Mexico, an M.A. from El Colegio de Mexico, and an M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University


Associate Professor-Researcher at El Colegio de Mexico. Coordinator of the Programme on Trade Negotiations at El Colegio, co-sponsored with the Ministry of the Economy (2018-to date)


Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (2004-2016); Chair of the General Council (2015), Chair of the Dispute Settlement Body (2014), Chair of the Negotiating Group on Services (2005-2013), Chair of the Trade Committee at the OECD (2007-2014)


Head of the Trade Negotiations Unit, Ministry of the Economy (2000-2004), Director General for Europe and Trade in services (1994-2000)


Chief negotiator of Mexico in many RTAs, including the FTAA, the agreements with the EU, EFTA, and agreenets with three of the Mercosur countries. Chief Negotiator on Services in different FTAs, including the NAFTA


Director General or equivalent in different areas of the Trade Promotion Institute and the Ministry of Trade and Industry


Author of more than fifty articles on international economics published in specilized journals and books.