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Covid-19 and Trade

How Much Vaccine Will Be Produced This Year?

Simon Evenett published this article on May 20th as Professor of Economics at University of St. Gallen Switzerland, and Founder of St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade.   Full text of this article can be downloaded via:...

TRIPS and Jabs-vaccine patent waivers and the WTO

Stuart Harbinson published this article as a fellow of the Asia Global Institute at The University of Hong Kong.   Full text of this article can be viewed via:

WTO Reform

How wide should the WTO window be set?

Peter Ungphakorn co-authored this series of four articles with Robert Wolfe, as former senior information officer, WTO Secretariat.   Summary of these articles can be viewed via:   Full text of...


Digital services taxes, trade and development

Patrick Low published this paper in December 2020 for the Institute for International Trade of The University of Adelaide as a Geneva-based consultant on trade matters and former Chief Economist of the World Trade Organization.   Full text of this paper can be...

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