Jianzhong HUANG

Jianzhong HUANG

Member of FMG

WTO Chair holder; Professor & Director of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) Academic Committee


Jianzhong Huang, Male, Date of Birth: Dec.7, 1962

WTO Chair holder; Professor & Director of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) Academic Committee; Chairman of Shanghai International Trade   Association (SITA); Deputy Secretary General of China International Trade Association (CITA)



1979.9-1983.7    Xiamen University    Bachelor Degree

1983.9-1986.7    Xiamen University    Master Degree

1992.9-1997.4    Xiamen University    PH.D



1986.7-1988. 12  Assistant Professor, Xiamen University

(Econ. Dept.)

  1. 1-1993. 12Lecturer, Xiamen University (Int.Trade Dept.)
  2. 1-1996. 12Associate Professor, Xiamen University (Int.TradeDept.)

1995.9-1996.9   Senior Visitor, Scholar Cornell University (USA)

  1. 1-2002.2Director, Fujian Provincial Government

2002.3-2003. 12  Associate Professor, Xiamen University (Int.Trade Dept.)

  1. 1-2008.2Professor & Dean, Xiamen University (Int.Trade Dept.)

2008.3-2013.4  Professor & Deputy Dean, Xiamen University (School of Econ.)

2013.5-2014.6  Professor, Xiamen University(Int.Trade Dept.)

2014.7-2022.9  Professor & Dean, SUIBE (School of Business)

  1. 10-      WTO Chair holder; Professor & Director of theAcademic Committee (SUIBE)


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