On June 21st, 2019, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) has co-organized with the Punta del Este Group (PEG) in Geneva a seminar titled “Rebuilding Trust: the way forward for a successful WTO reform”. Issues discussed include state of play of WTO crisis and world economy, dispute settlement, transparency/standstill, development, plurilaterals and subsidies.


Participants include FMG and FFMG members, PEG members, Ms. Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre (ITC), Mr. Alan Wolff, Deputy Director-General of the WTO, and ambassadors or deputies of thirteen delegations from both developed and developing countries.





Rebuilding Trust: the way forward for a successful WTO reform

FMG Brainstorming Series on WTO Reform


Date: Friday 21st June at 9.00 – 13.00 

Venue:  International Trade Center (ITC).    

Rules: By invitation only, Chatham House rules



9:00 – 9:30 Opening session: María Cassarino

Welcome by Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director of ITC

Welcome on behalf of the Punta del Este Group: Ambassador Guillermo Valles

Welcome on behalf of the Friends of Multilateralism Group: Mr. Xiankun LU

9:30 – 10:30 First session: State of Play

Moderator: Xiankun LU

State of Play of WTO crisis:  Alan Wolff Deputy Director General of the WTO

State of Play of World Economy: Hector Torres


10:30 – 10:45:  coffee / tea break

10:45 – 12:45:  Second session: The process to elaborate an agenda for reform

Moderator Guillermo VALLES

Rebuilding trust:

Dispute Settlement: Robert McDougall

Transparency/Standstill Alejandro Jara



Key elements to advance negotiations on reform:

Development and a flexible world trading system: Patrick Low

Plurilateral agreements: Ambassador José Luis Cancela (Uruguay)

A new framework to tackle subsidies? Bernard Hoeckman


 12:45 -13:00 Wrap up and thanks