On February 25th, 2019, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) has organized in Geneva a brainstorming meeting with Mr. Marc Vanheukelen, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the European Union to WTO. They discussed pertinent issues including recent developments on WTO reform, new issues such as e-commerce and investment facilitation.


Participants included some members of FMG and Friends of FMG (FFMG), and Mr Paolo GARZOTTI, Deputy Permanent Representative of the European Union to the WTO.  




 “Friends of Multilateralism Group” (FMG) Brainstorming with EU

FMG Brainstorming Series on WTO Reform

February 25th, 2019, Geneva


Organizers:   Alejandro JARA (AJ) and Xiankun LU (XL)

Time:                11:30-15:00

Venue:            EU Mission to the WTO

                            Rue du Grand-Pré 66, CH-1211 Geneva



         11:30-13:00 (i) Recent Developments on WTO reform;

                               (ii) New issues including e-commerce and investment facilitation;

                               (iii) US-China trade conflicts and EU role;

                               (iv) New EU Parliament and Commission in May 2019

                                (v) Other

         13:00-15:00 Continue over lunch


Organizational Principle:

  1. Chatham House rule applies;
  2. Discussion informal and in personal capacity.