On April 10, 2023, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) organized an internal briefing on the New Book of Prof. Henry Gao and Prof. Weihuan Zhou titled “Between Market Economy and State Capitalism: China’s State-Owned Enterprises and the World Trading System”. Petros C. Mavroidis, FMG member and Professor of Law at Columbia Law School moderated this session.


At the meeting, the two authors, Prof. Henry Gao, tenured law professor at Singapore Management University, and Prof. Weihuan Zhou, Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales shared the main opinions in their new book, and then answered the questions from the participants. Over 20 FMG members and friends of FMG attended this session.


Annex 1: List of confirmed participants



Clemens Boonekamp (FMG)

Deborah Elms (FMG)

Simon Evenett (FMG)

Jonathan T. Fried (FMG)

Bernard Hoekman (FMG)

Stuart Harbinson (FMG)

Siqi Li (FMG)

Victor Do Prado (FMG)

Evan Rogerson (FMG)

Mia Mikic (FMG)

Petros C. Mavroidis (FMG)

Cristián Rodríguez-Chiffelle (FMG)

Sherry Stephenson (FMG)

Peter Ungphakorn (FMG)

Alan Wolff (FMG)

John M Weekes (FMG)

Brad McDonald (FFMG)