On May 15, 2023, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) organized an internal online session on the new updates of the JSI on E-commerce and the next steps. Hamid Mamdouh, FMG member and Former Director of Trade in Services and Investment Division of the WTO moderated this session.


At the meeting, TAN Hung Seng, the Ambassador of Singapore; Jeremy Green, the DPR of Australia; and Wataru Aikawa, First Secretary of Japan shared their insights on the new updates of the JSI on E-commerce and the next steps, and then answered the questions from the participants. More than 20 FMG and FFMG members attended this session.



Annex 1: List of confirmed participants


Daniel Crosby (FMG)

Deborah Elms (FMG)

Simon Evenett (FMG)

Jonathan T. Fried (FMG)

Stuart Harbinson (FMG)

Patrick Low (FMG)

Hamid Mamdouh (FMG)

Maxim Medvedkov (FMG)

Sherry Stephenson (FMG)

John M Weekes (FMG)

Alan Wolff (FMG)

Michitaka Nakatomi (FMG)

Sean Doherty (FFMG)

Brad McDonald (FFMG)