On January 26, 2023, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) organized an online brainstorming session to discuss “Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations”. Stuart Harbinson, FMG member and Former Chief Representative of HK China to the WTO moderated this session.


At the meeting, John Weekes, FMG member and Former Ambassador of Canada to the WTO delivered the opening remarks. Then, Angela Ellard, Deputy Director-General at the WTO; Wayne McCook, Assistant Secretary-General of CARICOM Single Market and External Trade (CSMET) and Former Ambassador of Jamaica to the WTO; Benedicte Fleischer, Deputy Permanent Representative of Norway to the WTO; and Alice Tipping, Lead of Sustainable Trade and Fisheries Subsidies at the International Institute for Sustainable Development shared their insights on MC12 outcomes on fisheries subsidies, the opportunities and challenges ahead and next steps on the negotiations of fisheries subsidies by MC13 and beyond.


Nearly 80 participants joined the brainstorming, including members of FMG, Ambassadors/DPRs of WTO members, Directors of WTO divisions, representatives from related international organizations, and experts from renowned think tanks and universities etc.


Recording of this session can be watched via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi_Ojakj7go.



Annex 1: Opening Remarks of John Weekes


15:00- 15:05

Opening Remarks

Speaker: John Weekes (FMG)

15:05- 15:37


Moderator: Stuart Harbinson (FMG)

15:05-15:13 Speaker 1: DDG Angela Ellard (WTO)
15:13- 15:21

Speaker 2: Amb. Wayne McCook (CARICOM Single Market and Trade)


15:21- 15:29 Speaker 3: Benedicte Fleischer (Norway)
15:29- 15:37 Speaker 4: Alice Tipping (IISD)
15:37- 16:30


Moderator: Stuart Harbinson (FMG)


Annex 2: List of confirmed participants



Axel Addy (FMG)

Mercedes Araoz (FMG)

Clemens Boonekamp (FMG)

Jonathan Fried (FMG)

Stuart Harbinson (FMG)

Alejandro Jara (FMG)

Xiankun Lu (FMG)

Patrick Low (FMG)

Hamid Mamdouh (FMG)

Fernando De Mateo (FMG)

Michitaka Nakatomi (FMG)

Sherry Stephenson (FMG)

Alice Tipping (FMG)

Peter Ungphakorn (FMG)

John M Weekes (FMG)

Alan Wolff (FMG)

Brad McDonald (FFMG)


2.WTO Missions

Barbados: Matthew WILSON, Ambassador

Czech Republic: Lenka ŠUSTROVÁ, Ambassador

Cabo Verde: Clara DELGADO JESUS, Ambassador

Djibouti: Kadra Ahmed HASSAN, Ambassador

Egypt: Ahmed Ihab GAMALELDIN, Ambassador

Hong Kong, China: Laurie LO, Ambassador

New Zealand: Clare KELLY, Ambassador

Norway: Petter ØLBERG, Ambassador

Russian Federation: Dmitry LYAKISHEV, Ambassador

Panama: Alfredo SUESCUM, Ambassador

Singapore: TAN Hung Seng, Ambassador

Togo: Kokou Yackoley JOHNSON, Ambassador

Australia: Jeremy GREEN, DPR

Argentina: Josefina BUNGE, DPR

Cabo Verde: Carla MIRANDA, DPR

China: Li Yihong, DPR

Denmark:  Mads Thuesen LUNDE, DPR


Netherlands: Marcel VERNOOIJ, DPR

Spain: Agustín Navarro de Vicente-Gella, DPR

Türkiye: Bahar DOGAN, DPR

Türkiye: Ayşegül Şahinoğlu YERDEŞ, DPR

Papua New Guinea: Daphne HANGATT, Second Secretary


3.WTO Secretariat

Angela Ellard, Deputy Director-General

Jean-Marie Paugam, Deputy Director-General

Werner Zdouc, Director, Knowledge and Information Management, Academic Outreach and WTO Chairs Programme

Gabrielle Marceau, Senior Counsellor for Research on Legal Policy, Economic Research and Statistics Division

Maria Pereyra, Senior Counsellor, Legal Affairs Division

Sajal Mathur, Counsellor, Trade and Environment Division


4.International Organizations

Yuvan Beejadhur, World Bank

Peter Van den Bossche, WTI

Kimberley Botwright, WEF


5.Think Tanks

Bill Reinsch, PIIE

William Reinsch, CSIS

Tristan Irschlinger, IISD

Ernesto Fernandez Monge, PEW



Andre Sapir, Columbia University