On Sep. 21st 2021, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) has organized an online brainstorming on the new book China and the WTO-Why Multilateralism Still Matters authored by Prof. Petros Mavroidis and Prof. Andre Sapir.


Prof. Petros Mavroidis and Prof. Andre Sapir presented the book to the audience. Mr. Hiddo Houben, DPR of the EU mission to the WTO, and Prof. Xinquan Tu, member of FMG shared their comments as the discussants.


Over 30 participants joined the brainstorming, including members of FMG, Friends of FMG (FFMG) and Punta del Este Group (PEG), Ambassadors and DPRs of WTO members, officials and experts of related international organizations, think tanks and universities.


The recording of this session can be viewed via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ad7-ColxPg



Opening Remarks

Speaker: Xiankun Lu (FMG)



Moderator:  Stuart Harbinson (FMG)

15:05-15:20 Speaker: Prof. Petros Mavroidis
15:20-15:35 Speaker: Prof. Andre Sapir
15:35-15:45 Discussant: Hiddo Houben (DPR, EU Mission to the WTO)
15:45-15:55 Discussant: Xinquan Tu (FMG)


Moderator: Stuart Harbinson (FMG)

Annex 1: Programme


Annex 2:

Confirmed Participants


1.FMG/FFMG/PEG members

Mercedes Araoz, FMG

Clemens Boonekamp, FMG

Wendy Cutler, FMG

Deborah Elms, FMG

Alan Wolff, FMG

Patrick Low, FMG

Xiankun Lu, FMG

Cecilia Malmström, FMG

Hamid Mamdouh, FMG

Mario Matus, FMG

Mia Mikic, FMG

Stuart Harbinson, FMG (moderator)

Hector R Torres, FMG

Xinquan Tu, FMG (discussant)


2.WTO Missions

Argentina: Federico Villegas, Ambassador

Canada: Stephen de Boer, Ambassador

Egypt: Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin, Ambassador


Russia: Dmitry Lyakishev, Ambassador

South Africa: Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter, Ambassador

UK: Rob Cook, Ambassador

Brazil: Paulo Elias, DPR

Colombia: Nicolas Palau van Hissenhoven, DPR

EU: Hiddo Houben, DPR (discussant)

Mexico: Ismael Ortiz, DPR

The Netherlands: Nathalie Olijslager Jaarsma, DPR

Denmark: Mads Thuesen Lunde, Minister Counsellor

Turkey: Bahar Doğan, Counsellor


3.WTO Secretariat

Jean-Marie Paugam, DDG


4.International Organisations

Ahmad Mukhtar, FAO

Aditi Sara Verghese, WEF



5.Think tanks

Chad Bown, PIIE

Douglas A. Irwin, PIIE

Gary Hufbauer, PIIE

Mary Lovely, PIIE

Jeff Schott, PIIE

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, ECIPE

Dmitry Grozoubinski, HEI Geneva

Peter Van den Bossche, WTI



Henry Gao, Singapore Management University

Christian Bluth, EUI