On October 4, 2022, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) organized an online brainstorming session to discuss the “soft power” of the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO. Jan Yves Remy, FMG member and WTO Chair for Barbados moderated this session.


Petros Mavroidis, Professor of Columbia Law School and Todd J. Friedbacher, Partner of Sidley Austin LLP shared their insights about the “soft power” of DSB, i.e., the non-litigation aspect of the mechanism. Jonathan T. Fried, FMG member and former Ambassador of Canada to the WTO shared his comments as discussant. Then, the speakers answered the questions from the participants.  


Nearly 40 participants joined the brainstorming, including members of FMG, Ambassadors/DPRs of WTO members, Directors of WTO divisions, representatives from related international organizations, and experts from renowned think tanks and universities etc.  


Recording of this session can be watched via: https://youtu.be/YG9rTQ_3-tI 



Annex 1: Program



Opening Remarks

Speaker: Xiankun Lu (FMG)



Speaker:  Jan Yves Remy (FMG)





Moderator: Jan Yves Remy (FMG)

15:05- 15:15

Speaker 1: Petros Mavroidis (Columbia Law School)

15:15- 15:25

Speaker 2: Todd J. Friedbacher (Sidley)


Discussant: Jonathan T. Fried (FMG)



15:35- 16:30


Moderator: Jan Yves Remy (FMG)


Annex 2: List of confirmed participants


Daniel Crosby (FMG)

Bernard Hoekman (FMG)

Hamid Mamdouh (FMG)

Xiankun Lu (FMG)

Cecilia Malmstorm (FMG)

Mia Mikic (FMG)

Victor Do Prodo (FMG)

Sherry Stephenson (FMG)

Hector Torres (FMG)

Jayashree Watal (FMG)

John Weekes (FMG)

Andreas Esche (FFMG)

Brad McDonald (FFMG)


2.WTO Missions

Russian Federation: Dmitry Lyakishev, Ambassador

Panama: Alfredo SUESCUM, Ambassador

Vanuatu: Sumbue ANTAS, Ambassador

Brunei Darussalam: Mazlizah PG MAHALEE, Ambassador

Canada: Nadia THEODORE, Ambassador

Djibouti: Kadra AHMED HASSAN, Ambassador

Norway: Petter ØLBERG, Ambassador

Indonesia: Febrian Alphyanto RUDDYARD, Ambassador

Antigua and Barbuda: Colin MURDOCH, Ambassador

Egypt: Ahmed Ihab GAMALELDIN, Ambassador


Finland: Anna VITIE, DPR


Dominican Republic: Cesar HERRERA, DPR

Netherlands: Marcel VERNOOIJ, DPR

EU: Davide GRESPAN, Minister Counsellor

Singapore: Pui Man YAU, Counsellor

Brazil: Marcus Vinícius, Counsellor

Zimbabwe: Constance ZHANJE, Minister Plenipotentiary


3.WTO Secretariat

Werner Zdouc, Director, Knowledge and Information Management, Academic Outreach and WTO Chairs Programme

Maika Oshikawa, Director, Development Division

Antony Taubman, Director, Intellectual Property, Government Procurement and Competition Division

Gabrielle Marceau, Counsellor for Research on Legal Policy, Economic Research and Statistics Division

Maria Pereyra, Senior Counsellor, Legal Affairs Division, WTO

Stephen Fevrier, Senior Advisor to the Director General, WTO

Kuiten Bernard, Senior Counsellor on External Relations, WTO


4.International Organizations

Aditi Sara Verghese, WEF


5.Think Thanks

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, ECIPE

Peter Van den Bossche, WTI

William Reinsch, CSIS

Alice Tipping, IISD

Jeff Schott, PIIE



Henry Gao, Singapore Management University

Andre Sapir, Columbia University


7. Others

Fernando de Mateo: Former Mexico’s Ambassador to WTO