Member of FMG

Former journalist at Le Temps

Name: Rameshwar Etwareea

Pen name: Ram Etwareea

1958: Birth in Mauritius.

1975: Finished Secondary Education in Mauritius.

1979: Graduated from University of Bombay. B.Com (Business Management).

1980-82: Worked with Allo Annonces, an Advertising Company in Mauritius.

1983-1989: Worked with Le Nouveau Militant, a political newspaper in Mauritius.

1990: Moved to Switzerland.

1990-1999: Co-founded and worked with InfoSud, a news agency specialized in North-South Relations and Development Issues, based in Lausanne, Switzerland,

1999-2013: Worked with Le Temps, a Geneva daily newspaper, attached to Economic & Finance Section.

2013-2017: Permanent correspondent for Le Temps in Brussels, covering EU and NATO.

2017-2023: Back to Geneva, attached to Economic & Finance.

2017-2019: Deputy Head of Economic & Finance.

2023: Officially retired.


Specialized: Trade, Trade wars, World Trade Organization, International Relations, Emerging Countries, International Financial and Development Organizations (World Bank, IMF).