On October 4 2023, the Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG) organized the 9th session of its “Trade Policy Preview” (TP-P) brainstorming series on SACU. Clemens Boonekamp, FMG member and former Director of the Agriculture Division of the WTO moderated this session.


Simon Evenett, FMG member and coordinator of Global Trade Alert; Trudi Hartzenberg, Executive Director of the Trade Law Centre (TRALAC); Khutsafalo Sekolowane, Associate Researcher at the Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA); and Tsotang Tsietsi, WTO Chair of National University of Lesotho shared their views on the trade policies of SACU.


More than 20 participants joined the session, including members of FMG, Ambassadors/DPRs of WTO members, Directors of WTO divisions, and experts from renowned think tanks etc.


FMG has launched the brainstorming initiative titled “Trade Policy Preview” (TP-P) to host a candid and forward-looking dialogue on trade policy trends of key players of the WTO and their implications on the WTO reform discussions. FMG has successfully organized nine TP-P sessions on China, Russia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, U.S.A, Japan, EU, and SACU and plan to organize TP-P sessions for Chile in the near future.


The presentation of Simon Evenett is attached as Annex 1. And the recording of this session can be watched via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF6qMB0XARw.


Annex 1: Simon Evenett SACU TPR Presentation FMG


Annex 2: Programme




Moderator: Clemens Boonekamp (FMG)





Moderator: Clemens Boonekamp (FMG)

15:05- 15:20

Speaker 1: Simon Evenett (FMG)

15:20- 15:35

Speaker 2:  Trudi Hartzenberg (TRALAC)


Discussant 1: Khutsafalo Sekolowane (BIDPA)

15:45- 15:55

Discussant 2: Tsotang Tsietsi (NUL)



15:55- 16:30


Moderator: Clemens Boonekamp (FMG)


Annex 3: Confirmed Participants List



Clemens Boonekamp (FMG)

Simon Evenett (FMG)

Jonathan Fried (FMG)

Petros C. Mavroidis (FMG)

Sherry Stephenson (FMG)

Alan Wolff (FMG)


WTO Missions

Thailand: Pimchanok Pitfield, Ambassador

UK: Simon Manley CMG, Ambassador

Uganda: Marcel R. Tibaleka, Ambassador

China: Zhonglin Bi, First Secretary

UK: Oli Sharp, Head of Trade

EU: Hene LEHT, Trade Officer

Namibia: Justine Katepe, Chief Policy Analyst


WTO Secretariat

Willy Alfaro, Director, Trade Policies Review Division


Think Tanks

Bill Reinsch, PIIE