FMG is most glad to organize a TP-P session on U.S.A on Monday 5 Dec 15:00-16:30 Geneva time. The panel include: Clemens Boonekamp (moderator, FMG), Simon Evenett (speaker, FMG), Jennifer Hillman (speaker, Georgetown University), Jonathan Fried (discussant, FMG).


This session will GO LIVE on YouTube. We welcome you to watch the livestream thourgh the link:


Background information about FMG “Trade Policy Preview” (TP-P):


Given the continuous challenges confronted by the multilateral trading system, including geopolitical tensions, and renewed dynamism among the membership on the WTO reform across the board of its functions, FMG is committed to further its efforts to promote mutual understanding through meaningful dialogue among members, especially the major ones.


For that purpose, FMG has launched the brainstorming initiative titled “Trade Policy Preview” (TP-P) to host a candid and forward-looking dialogue on trade policy trends of key players of the WTO and their implications on the WTO reform discussions. Previous TP-P sessions organized by FMG, shortly before the normal Trade Policy Review (TPR) of some WTO Members, could be found via: